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Destiny Devoted Dance

"It's not desire, but discipline that leads to your destiny "

What are the age requirements?
Ages 7 & up

When are auditions?


June 15, 2019

($25 registration fee)

Is there anyway to prepare my dancer for auditions?
Destiny Devoted Dance will hold classes for 2 weeks beginning July 5th to prepare all dancers for the audition. Though classes aren't required, they are highly recommended.


How many hours can we expect our dancer to be involved weekly, if accepted into the company?

If you are only in Crew, 2 hip hop classes weekly is required or 1 hip hop class and 1 technique class weekly is required.


How many competitions/conventions does the company attend per year?
1 convention and 3-5 competitions are required. Others will be listed on the schedule as options or alternates.

Can my child do solos, duets, & trios & how many are allowed?

Dancers pay a separate fee to participate in a solo, duet, or trio. Dancers may do as

many as they feel they can handle and afford. 

What are additional costs?

In addition to monthly tuition, rehearsal fees are $25 monthly if you're on crew only. If you are on Performing or Competition company add crew to the number of dances your dancer is in.

Conventions range from $80-$125, competitions range from $40-$100 per dance, & costumes $50-$75 per costume

Why does my child benefit from participating on company at Triple D?
Destiny Devoted Dance strives to be a facility that is home for any dancer. Our teachers and staff understand that our jobs are more than teaching dance steps. We are willing role models and mentors and we lead by example. Our teachers and staff are committed to creating a nurturing and safe environment where every dancer feels uninhibited in expressing themselves creatively. We want every individual to feel safe, the sense of unity and loyalty from the staff relationships, to the team, to the parent-teacher relationships, and the student-teacher relationships. Our goal is that the impact this dance experience has on each dancer will aid in developing self-confident, disciplined, responsible, successful, and humble individuals of society.